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Migration to DreamWidth - Convenient Self-Indulgence [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Migration to DreamWidth [Jan. 1st, 2017|03:10 pm]
[mood |tiredtired]

Back in 2009, I participated in what some hoped would be a mass migration from Livejournal to DreamWidth. We had too few to achieve critical mass. Now that LJ's servers are moved to Moscow and politically inconvenient blogs are reportedly disappearing, oh and also LJ no longer allows HTTPS, it appears to finally be time for the migration.

I am user Blimix on both LJ and DW. The best way to passively keep in touch with me will be to friend me on DW (if you know me and have set up a DW account). I post infrequently, but have a mix of public and friends-locked posts.

About Facebook: Facebook is not a useful platform for keeping in touch unless you use certain tricks to force the feed to stay chronological rather than filtering out stories that don't immediately get "liked" or commented on by a test audience of a few readers. (The FB Purity extension can do this. You can also bookmark the URL for the chronological feel instead of the default FB reading page.) If you can't keep up with the unfiltered feed, "unfollow" all your Facebook-friends-but-not-really-friends (except those who regularly post things you like to read) and maybe some real friends who post nothing but memes, cats, and/or babies. (You can also configure FB Purity to use keywords to filter out posts you don't want to see.) However, even after doing all this so that you can reliably read your friends' posts, most of your friends aren't doing the same, so they're often missing your posts. (Also, the format of FB is terrible for any post more complicated than plaintext. It's not a blogging platform by any stretch of the imagination.)

When I feel up to it, I'll look at importing my pre-2009 LJ to DW. I haven't been posting anything so personal that I'd be afraid of the Russian government and/or hackers knowing it, so deleting my LJ probably isn't in the cards until the migration looks well underway.

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