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He tells it "like it is". - Convenient Self-Indulgence [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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He tells it "like it is". [Nov. 16th, 2016|03:36 pm]
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One thing I haven't seen addressed is exactly what Trump's supporters meant by "He tells it like it is," or "He says what he means". Taken literally, it clearly contradicts their current message, and has always been asinine. But they never meant it literally. What they meant was, "He's not afraid to call a spade a spade." (Younger readers, this idiom is not about gardening. "Spade" is an old-fashioned term with the same meaning and connotation as the N word.)

They loved that he had no compunctions about saying horrible things. They idolized him for getting away with it, as if he were some kind of hero: The only one brave enough to stand up to the "don't you dare" attitude from the culture that surrounded them but was not theirs. They thought, and still think, that treating other people with civility is something you do out of fear of disapproval, rather than something you do out of respect. When their fear of disapproval vanished, so did their compunctions.

They didn't realize that Trump got away with it not because he was brave and outspoken but because he had financial privilege that they don't; because he is a member of an elite social and economic class that has no respect for anybody that they are not obliged to suck up to: The same class that destroyed the economy and then used their media to tell conservatives to blame liberals for their misfortunes. They identify with and support their destroyer, despite having nothing in common but a lack of respect for their fellow humans.

They've been yearning all these years to have their disrespect validated, and that's enough for them.

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