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Things that need saying. - Convenient Self-Indulgence [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Things that need saying. [Nov. 10th, 2016|02:59 pm]
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Partly because there are people who may follow my Livejournal/DreamWidth but not my Facebook, and partly because Facebook doesn't show all posts, here is a collection of what I've written on Facebook in the last couple of days. (I have more to write, of course.)

This motto originally appeared from a company that supported BLM, but it was a limited run, and they're out of stock. You can now get it from TMI shirts. It's even a little cheaper, so you can donate the difference to BLM causes if you want, and have the same effect.

What is best to do? Both Canadian emigration and determination to stay here and help have shown up a few times in my feed already. Both ideas have merit. There is value in selflessness and there is value in taking care of yourself. (I very much want to stay and help people. On the other hand, my family would not exist if my great grandmother had not had the sense to get the hell out of Poland.) Both ideas may also be come by poorly, as rationalizations for failing to do the work to help one's self, or to help others. And one layer down, you may be rationalizing a laziness that you actually require, if you lack the spoons and/or money to do the work that you feel needs to be done. If your reaction is immediate one way or the other, please examine your motives. You may well doing what you need to do, but check and make sure.

I posit, however, that the whole question is a false dichotomy. You don't need to predict which course of action will be best. You can simply prepare yourself. Spend some time at home, building up your financial resources. Make contacts in Canada and elsewhere. Help people who are less privileged than you. Make sure you have a current passport, because by the time it becomes obvious that you need it, it will be WAY too late to get one. If and when the jackboots or food riots are imminent, grab what you can and GTFO.

[This was my comment on someone else's post, but it should be its own message.] I've been making sure NOT to say things like, "It'll be okay," and "We'll get through this," because some of us won't, and saying that would invalidate their perfectly justified and rational fears. Comforting ourselves by sticking our heads in the sand and waiting for it to blow over is not the answer. Instead, form a plan of action, whether it's to protect yourself, your loved ones, or all of humanity. It will give you far more peace of mind than pretending that this is okay will. For those who have reason to fear (which, honestly, is everyone who isn't willfully ignorant), validate their feelings and reassure them that you have their back.

Last night, a supermarket cashier said, "Good evening! How are you?" In the same rapid, cheery tone, I replied, "Terrified and disillusioned! How about you?" (He said, "I hear you," while the woman of color in front of me turned to give a brief smile and chuckle. I know we have to do the "business as usual" thing to get through the mundane parts of the day, but once again, a bit of solidarity is better than pretending that everything's okay.)

Appropriate link: Don't Panic (Thanks, hotspurre!)

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